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Go Karts Around North Myrtle Beach: Where to Go

You’re all about making memories on your Myrtle Beach vacation. We’re all about making that happen! Ignite your inner speed racer and take a wild ride around the coolest go-kart tracks around North Myrtle Beach! ️

Picture yourself neck-and-neck with your best vacation buddy, battling for bragging rights as you zoom across the finish line. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a total newbie, we've got you covered with tracks for all ages and skill levels.

We'll spill the beans on their speed levels, track layouts, special features, and even where to grab a post-race victory snack because conquering asphalt deserves pizza, right?


K1 Speed

Photo Credit:  yisroel levin

  • Address: 720 Main St, North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Website:

  • Why we love K1 Speed: K1 uses electric karts, which are cleaner, quieter, and faster than gas-powered karts. The track is challenging, and the sophisticated timing and scoring system allows you to track your lap times and compete against your friends.

K1 Speed in North Myrtle Beach is an indoor go-kart racing facility that offers a thrilling experience for people of all ages.

The main attraction at K1 is, of course, the electric go-kart racing. They have two types of karts: for junior racers, Junior Karts for kids 48" or taller (this is the minimum height requirement) that go up to 20 mph, and Adult Karts for teens and adults 58" or taller. The Adult karts can reach speeds of up to 45 mph.

Arrive & Drive races at the indoor go-kart track are up to 12 laps. Once someone completes 12 laps, the checkered flag will fly for everyone on track, which means the race is over. While you wait for your race or take a break between races, you can play arcade games, including air hockey and racing games.

Go karting works up an appetite! K1 has a concession stand offering a variety of fun food and drinks, including pizza, hot dogs, nachos, beer, and wine. Celebrating a birthday on your vacation? K1 Speed is a great place to host a birthday party for kids and adults alike. Check out their party packages, including race time, food, drinks, and arcade games.


The Track

Photo Credit: Brandon

  • Address: 9589 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Website:

  • Why we love The Track: The Wild Woody figure 8 track with three and a half levels will surely get your heart racing.

The Track in Myrtle Beach is where fun goes into overdrive. The Track has two multi-level courses that twist and turn, sending you soaring up and down like a rollercoaster on wheels.

The electric karts are available in one seater or two seaters. Imagine soaring over three stories in the "Wild Woody" or conquering hairpin turns on the "Mighty Myrtle." These go-carts are fast and furious, perfect for unleashing your inner speed racer.

Got little racers in tow? The Track has kiddie tracks and Blaster Boats, where kiddos can captain their own mini-watercraft adventure. And if you need a break from the adrenaline rush, Fat Daddy's Arcade is packed with classic and modern games to keep every child and child-at-heart entertained. ️

Snacks are available at their concession stand.


Broadway Grand Prix

Photo Credit: Kimie Chandler

  • Address: 1820 21st Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Hours: Check website for seasonal hours

  • Website:

  • Why we love Broadway Grand Prix: There’s literally something for everyone in your family. It’s not just about go karts, although that is the main draw because of their brand new go karts and bumper cars.

Broadway Grand Prix offers a gaming good time for the whole family! Buckle up for a high-octane adventure.

Broadway Grand Prix offers seven tracks, from beginner-friendly to heart-pounding hairpin turns. Brand new go karts and bumper cars await your inner Max Verstappen! Tracks include a Grand Prix Pro Track and the High Bank Oval that offer challenging sharp turns; the Slick Track, where you’ll navigate tough, tight turns on a polished slick track (drivers for this track must be at least 60” tall); tracks for junior racers, and, even a kids track.

Wristband levels and pricing are based on height. Pro and Intermediate Band (48” and up) Rookie Band (40″ to 48”) Toddler Band (36″ to 40”). Wristbands include unlimited access to go kart tracks, kiddie rides, bumper cars, and two 18-hole mini golf courses.

Two 18-hole courses challenge your putting prowess with pirate shipwrecks, waterfalls, and maybe even a talking parrot or two. Blast aliens, conquer dance floors, and rack up tickets in the Grand Prix arcade. ️

No need for an off-site pit stop for snacks. The on-site concession stand serves up classic race-day grub: pizza, hot dogs, nachos, and even some adult beverages to cool down after your podium finish.


Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Photo Credit: Rony Juarez

  • Address: 300 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Hours: Check website for seasonal hours

  • Website:

  • Why we love Family Kingdom Amusement Park: There’s a fun mix of vintage rides, games, and new thrilling rides to get your heart racing.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park is where thrills rule, and childhood screams (of joy, hopefully) echo through the salty air.

Family Kingdom’s Figure 8 Frenzy offers tight turns, thrilling straightaways, and plenty of opportunities to outmaneuver your rivals. Think "Mario Kart on steroids," minus the banana peels and blue shells.

Ride time will be approximately eight laps per ride. Single car riders must be 58″ to drive. The two seater car must have an adult driver of 18 years of age or older and be 58” or taller. Bumper cars and other amusement rides are available! In need of a snack break? Family Kingdom Amusement Park offers a wide variety of onsite food concessions.


Race and Stay in North Myrtle Beach

The checkered flag has waved on your North Myrtle Beach go-karting adventure, but there’s still so much vacationing to be had at Beach Cove Resort! Whether you're the reigning champion of your family track or still sporting a few honorary tire marks on your forehead, you've conquered corners, defied gravity, and created memories that'll outlast your souvenir seashells.

Don't forget to capture that winning grin (or maybe the post-race exhaustion, no judgment here) with your go-kart crew for the ultimate vacation photo op. Those are the memories that'll keep you smiling long after you've traded your racing helmet for a beach umbrella. Happy trails, racers!

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