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7 Best Mini Golf Courses in North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach, known for its shimmering beaches and vibrant boardwalk, is also home to several options for the ultimate fun family activity- mini golfing! 

The top mini golf destinations in North Myrtle Beach don't just offer mini golf, but they go above and beyond with detail. Imagine fully immersive coastal-themed adventures. Some are even complete with erupting volcanoes and cannon fire from pirate ships!

With a stay at our serene Beach Cove Resort, you’ll be in the perfect position to not just enjoy the lovely beaches but also these epic mini golfing courses. To help you sort through all the options, we’ve handpicked the top mini golf courses in North Myrtle Beach and broken down what you can expect at each course. 

Here’s our guide to the best mini golfing courses in North Myrtle Beach!


1. Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf

Photo Credit: Florence Lehar

Looking for an amazing mini golf experience in the North Myrtle Beach area? Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf is one of the best options out there. The course was specifically designed after Professor Hacker’s treasure expeditions to the Fog Cliff Islands in South America in the 1920’s.

The course even kicks off with a ride in an old mining cart that takes you to the first hole, modeled after the one Professor Hacker discovered many years ago. 

Lost Treasure includes two 18-hole miniature golf courses, the ‘gold’ and ‘diamond’ options, each with challenging and fun obstacles along the way! Both 18-hole courses allow you to play through or on top of the stunning 85 foot long steamship at Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure.


2. Black Pearl Mini Golf

Photo Credit: Dane Ball

Black Pearl Mini Golf is a family-owned mini golf course in North Myrtle Beach with an engaging 18-hole pirate-themed course for all ages. It’s also got some of the best ice cream in North Myrtle Beach

After a round of golf and games in the arcade, guests can treat themselves to ice cream or pick a few sweets from their Lollipop Candy Shop or Mermaid’s Dream Ice Cream. Black Pearl Mini Golf boasts an arcade with fun games to enjoy together after you finish each of the challenging holes. 


3. Mutiny Bay Miniature Golf

Photo Credit: Kevin Franklin

Mutiny Bay Miniature Golf is a premier 36-hole outdoor golfing destination that’s been open since 2001. This particular mini golf course offers an exciting twist: every 30 minutes, golfers are treated to an action-packed pirate battle reminiscent of something straight out of the Pirates of the Caribbean. 

This “battle,” complete with cannon fire, water blasts, and explosive effects, takes place on a massive pirate ship — a ship so big you can spot it from the highway! Several holes at Mutiny Bay are set directly on the ship itself, so you can join in on all the interactive action!


4. Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Photo Credit: Andrew Kuchling via Flickr CC2.0

Ready to dive into a prehistoric world? You can do exactly that at Professor Duffer A. Hacker's Dinosaur Adventure in North Myrtle Beach. This unique mini golf venue boasts two exciting 18-hole courses: the T.rex and the Raptor. No matter which you choose, everywhere you look, you'll be surrounded by dinos throughout the experience.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf is the striking 85-foot steamship, the R.S. Jurassic Explorer. Its presence is tied to Professor Hacker's unexpected discovery. According to the story, in 1930, after being blown off course, he stumbled upon a canyon teeming with dinosaurs. While waiting for his ship, he explored this land, only to find the ship stranded upon his return. This story sets the stage for this golf course. 

As you make your way through the course, you won’t just be surrounded by dinosaurs but also turquoise waterfalls and dense jungles. If you’re looking for a mini golf experience in North Myrtle Beach with a setting that blows you away, this is it!


5. Mayday Golf

Photo Credit: Michael Pierce

  • Address: 715 Hwy 17 N, North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Book a tee time:

Mayday Golf in North Myrtle Beach is based on a plane crash scenario that sets the stage for two distinct mini-golfing courses. The Mayday Mountain Course navigates 18 holes amid misty terrains and past a crashed yellow airplane.

The Rescue Falls Course is an 18-hole adventure that features vivid blue cascading waterfalls and a real rescue helicopter. Designed with families in mind, this mini golf course is very family-friendly and even acceptable for strollers.

Both courses are very easy, perfect for a day of mini golf with the youngsters! They’re also very affordable compared to other mini golf options in North Myrtle Beach.


6. Molten Mountain Mini Golf

Photo Credit: Kevin Stewart

Molten Mountain is one of the most exciting mini golf courses in North Myrtle Beach. This unique 36-hole course features both indoor and outdoor sections. 

The highlight of Molten Mountain is a 50-foot volcano that erupts with fire and steam every 30 minutes. And for those looking to escape the heat, Molten Mountain offers a refreshing twist – 18  air-conditioned holes that are perfect for days when the weather doesn’t cooperate! This section comes complete with indoor waterfalls and impressive design elements.

If you’re looking for an impressive mini golf option in Myrtle Beach, Molten Mountain is a fantastic choice- especially on a rainy day! And if you work up an appetite after all that fun, check out our guide to the best restaurants in North Myrtle Beach to find out where to fuel up.


7. Hawaiian Rumble Golf 

Photo Credit: Explore North Myrtle Beach

Hawaiian Rumble Golf in North Myrtle Beach is a year-round 18-hole miniature golf course that transports players straight to Hawaii, complete with a serene garden setting and the soothing sounds of Hawaiian melodies in the background. 

The course's centerpiece is a massive 40-foot volcano, which fantastically erupts every 20 minutes. The course is decorated with beautiful waterfalls, live chirping parrots, and lush plants. It’s known to be a rather difficult course, making it a great option for anyone looking for a challenge. In addition to golfing, players at Hawaiian Rumble Golf can also have a swing at the batting cages. 

If you decide to swing your putters at Hawaiian Rumble Golf, get ready to experience the Aloha of this Hawaiian village, it’s pretty magical!


Mini Golf Magic in North Myrtle Beach

Ready to experience the fun of mini golfing against the backdrop of beautiful North Myrtle Beach? Book your stay today at Beach Cove Resort, and let the fun begin!

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