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North Myrtle Beach Golf Packages Make a Stellar Golf Vacation Affordable

By Beach Cove

 The idea behind North Myrtle Beach golf packages is much like the idea behind places like Direct Buy, Sam's Club, and CostCo: if you buy in bulk, you get to pay less per item. The invention of these North Myrtle Beach golf packages is directly a result of some clever businesspeople noticing that, unlike golfers who have a home on a certain course, people on vacation tend to want to visit several different courses in a short period of time. If those vacationers had to spend money to get full access to each course individually, the cost would be prohibitive. The package prices make the one-course-a-day vacation a reality.

Of course, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is an ideal place for golf packages and specials.  In addition to the beautiful Grand Strand lodging accommodations, historic old-city charm, live shows in multiple venues on every night of the year, and a wide variety of tourist attractions to take your mind off of the golf when you need a break, there are also literally dozens of championship-level golf courses in the North Myrtle Beach area. There are even transports that can inexpensively take you off to the links while the rest of your family stays in town to enjoy the other amenities. 

When you look for North Myrtle Beach golf packages, you should know a little bit about how it works. There are almost a hundred different golf courses around North Myrtle Beach, and you'll never be able to hit them all on a single vacation. That's why the people who put these packages together have rated all of the golf courses in the area by region and difficulty: it allows you to choose the courses that are ideal for your skill level and aren't too far away from wherever you elect to stay. The more expensive packages generally give access to the best quality courses, though not necessarily the most difficult.

Purchasing a North Myrtle Beach golf package gives you access to all associated courses for all hours of the day.  You can play any course in the package any time you want to, without having to follow a schedule. You can golf 18 hours a day. Or you can take whatever time you'd like to kick back next to the hotel pool and soak up some rays if that's your preference.

Some of the top-tier North Myrtle beach golf packages include more than just golf. Some such packages offer things like breakfasts and lunches at the country clubs, keeping you from having to spend time driving out to a restaurant in the middle of the day and thus losing precious golfing time. Others include lodging rentals as part of the package, and some even offer live entertainment in the evening in addition to the all-day golf. 

North Myrtle Beach golf packages offer the golf vacation of a lifetime in an easy-to-buy, easy-to-use format that will save you money while allowing you to experience some of the best aspects of North Myrtle Beach.

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