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Making the Most of the Famous Myrtle Beach Family Resort Hotels

By Beach Cove

If there are three things that stand out about the Grand Strand, it's the beach, the entertainment venues, and the famous Myrtle Beach family resort hotels.  You can come for the sand and surf, or you can come for the music and the magicians, but no matter what brought your family to the jewel of South Carolina, you'll almost certainly stay in one of the many accommodations that is geared it's specifically to the needs of a vacationing family. 

Of course, there are those families who pay full price for a room at one of the Myrtle Beach family resort hotels, and then spend all day, every day out and about in the Myrtle Beach area eating, playing, and swimming -- only to return and collapse into bed. They spend money for food, golf, and other everyday activities, and they have a great time doing it.  But they're not all that smart about their vacation.

More and more commonly these days, the wise vacationers have realized that the Myrtle Beach resort hotels aren't just beds to crash in anymore -- many have such comprehensive amenities that you can easily spend a few days of vacation just hanging out at the hotel. Some of the attractions at the hotel alone include swimming, lazy rivers, quality restaurants, beachside pools, spas, and great views of the ocean. The list of things to do at each hotel is unique, and most of them are comprehensive enough to take up a big chunk of the vacation. Fitness centers, WiFi access, tanning on the roof, hundreds of feet above the crashing surf, floating bars, the list goes on and on.

And that's only one way to maximize the resources of your choice of Myrtle Beach family resort hotels. There's also the comprehensive knowledge of the staff therein!  If you're looking for something to add the perfect touch to your family vacation, the hotel will always have someone on staff who can explain to you all about the attractions and entertainment packages around the Grand Strand. If you're looking for the best Chinese, Indian, Italian, or American food in the area, they'll be happy to offer some suggestions. 

What's more, it's not uncommon for local businesses to get together with various Myrtle Beach family resort hotels and create referral coupons -- for example, if the hotel refers guests to their business, they'll give those people who bring in the key card from their hotel something like a 10% or 20% special discount on whatever they sell.  It's not a certain thing, but it's more likely than not that if you ask around, you'll find that your hotel has a deal like that with some upstanding establishment in town.

And of course, there's the most obvious way to maximize your visit to one of the Myrtle Beach family resort hotels: pay lower rates for your room. This is generally best accomplished by shopping online for the best deals -- but if you already know which hotel you want to stay in, you can also simply call them up and negotiate a lower rate with them when you make reservations.

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